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LiveWallet - Intro & Overview


LiveWallet - Intro & Overview

Table of Contents

This 5 part tutorial may take 1-2 hours to complete, if you’re new to programming. If you’re familiar with Livebook, this might take 30 minutes.

Along the way, you’ll learn about Bitcoin and write Elixir code within the developer-friendly Livebook application, and you will:

  1. receive some bitcoin
  2. compose a bitcoin transaction to send some bitcoin (and data if you want)
  3. (cryptographically) sign a bitcoin transaction with a Private Key
  4. send bitcoin by broadcasting a transaction

> ⚠️ During this tutorial, you will receive and send real bitcoin. Please keep the amount of bitcoin small (fraction of U.S cents), as LiveWallet is primarily for educational purposes, and is not designed to be a full-time wallet; several wallet alternatives are more secure and better supported. Bitcoin received during this tutorial is typically transferrable to other wallets.

  • Part 1 - Create a new crypto Wallet using a Mnemonic phrase
  • Part 2 - Generate addresses using HD keys
  • Part 3 - Send bitcoin to your newly created address
  • Part 4 - See your transaction on a bitcoin block explorer
  • Part 5 - Create a transaction, sign it, and broadcast to the blockchain