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About Me


About Me

My Journey to Elixir


  • Studied Computer Science for undergraduate and graudate school
    • Primarily worked with Java, C, C++
  • Took a programming languages concepts course
    • Coded in Common Lisp, Haskell, and Prolog
    • Came to the conclusion that function programming was something I would never do
  • Specialized in Computer Graphics for my Masters
  • Wrote my Master’s thesis on ray tracing using parallel hardware
  • Optimized ray tracing using CUDA via warp optimization
    • My first taste of parallel programming
      • Felt like I had super powers!

Early Career

  • Got my first full time Software Engineering job in 2012
  • Between 3 companies that I worked at I primarily used:
    • C#, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript
  • Was not very happy developing in these languages/ecosystems
    • The runtime always felt limiting

Later Career

  • Started looking for a language/ecosystem where concurrency/parallelism was a 1st class citizen
  • Read Go in Action in 2015
    • The Go concurrency model left a bit to be desired
  • Read Elixir in Action in 2015 and was hooked
  • Got my first full time Elixir job in 2016
    • Been writing Elixir professionally ever since

Finding Happiness on the BEAM

  • Since 2016 I have been happy working on and with the BEAM
  • Open source library maintainer (PromEx, MJML EEx, Doctor, Unplug, OctoFetch)
  • Open source contributor (Livebook, Phoenix, Broadway, Telemetry, Absinthe)
  • Host on the BEAM Radio podcast
  • Co-author of the Nerves Weather Station book
  • Currently working on Elixir Patterns with Hugo Barauna
  • This talk contains some of the recent work from Elixir Patterns!

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