What is a Process?


What is a Process?


  • Unit of code execution on the BEAM
  • They are cheap and fast to spin up/down
  • Can easily have thousands of them running
  • Each process has its own isolated memory space
    • Heap, stack and mailbox
  • Communicate with one another via message passing
  • Can think of them as independent programs/entities in your larger Application
    • They all just happen to be running on the same VM

What can you do with them?

  • Storing state
    • Singleton processes can be useful for easily accessing data application wide
  • Cron jobs
    • PromEx polls various BEAM internals and creates Prometheus metrics
  • Supervising/monitoring other processes
    • Supervisors are also processes under the hood
  • Initializing your application
    • Can run Ecto migrations in a GenServer prior to starting HTTP server
    • Hydrate cache (:persistent_term or :ets)
  • Worker pools
  • Effortless parallel processing via Task.async_stream/5

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