Anagram Solver


Anagram Solver

  {:jason, "~> 1.4"},
  {:kino, "~> 0.9", override: true},
  {:youtube, github: "brooklinjazz/youtube"},
  {:hidden_cell, github: "brooklinjazz/hidden_cell"}


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Anagram Solver

Two words that contain all the same letters are anagrams. For example bored and robed are anagrams.

You are going to create an AnagramSolver with a solve/1 function that accepts a word and returns every possible permutation of the anagram. Each permutation does not need to be a real word.

For example,


You can expect that the number of answers for a word of given length n will be n!. So a word with 3 letters has 6 solutions, a word with 4 letters has 24 answers, a word with 5 letters has 120 answers.

Enter your solution in the Elixir cell below,

defmodule AnagramSolver do
  def solve(word) do

Mark As Completed

file_name = Path.basename(Regex.replace(~r/#.+/, __ENV__.file, ""), ".livemd")

progress_path = __DIR__ <> "/../progress.json"
existing_progress =!(progress_path) |> Jason.decode!()

default = Map.get(existing_progress, file_name, false)

form =
      completed: input = Kino.Input.checkbox("Mark As Completed", default: default)
    report_changes: true

Task.async(fn ->
  for %{data: %{completed: completed}} <- do
    File.write!(progress_path, Jason.encode!(Map.put(existing_progress, file_name, completed)))


Commit Your Progress

Run the following in your command line from the curriculum folder to track and save your progress in a Git commit. Ensure that you do not already have undesired or unrelated changes by running git status or by checking the source control tab in Visual Studio Code.

$ git checkout solutions
$ git checkout -b anagram-solver-exercise
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "finish anagram solver exercise"
$ git push origin anagram-solver-exercise

Create a pull request from your anagram-solver-exercise branch to your solutions branch. Please do not create a pull request to the DockYard Academy repository as this will spam our PR tracker.

DockYard Academy Students Only:

Notify your instructor by including @BrooklinJazz in your PR description to get feedback. You (or your instructor) may merge your PR into your solutions branch after review.

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